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Hello - thanks for joining me! It's Clarissa here, the person behind Clarissa's Flowers. Having only recently created my shop I have decided I would like to add this blog to my website. I'd like to use it to share my journey with you all. From what's new to my store, to the must have trends in the flower world, exploring and educating myself, as well as hopefully some of you too!

There are a few things I am passionate and conscious about achieving alongside my business and this includes how I am striving to provide products that are as eco friendly as possible; I hope to use this blog to share how I achieve this, helping you feel reassured that care and thought has gone in to how your flowers get produced. On my journey to produce as little waste as possible I will also be sharing how I am using all the leftover flowers, the off cuts and broken stems, yet still creating beautiful things.

I am hoping I can share some of the secrets of designing with dried flowers and providing you with the tools you need to get creative yourselves! Additionally, once I am able to provide fresh flowers, this will include both care and arrangement tips specifically for these too.

The last topic I want to tell you about that I will be covering in my blog posts will be my answers to 'The Creatives' Coffee Club' question prompts. The Creatives Coffee Club is a community for self declared creatives, creatives in denial, and creatives yet to bloom (i.e. everyone!) and I have found it is a great way to share my creative journey, providing you all with a bit more personal information behind the brand as well as finding other like minded creatives and supporting other small, local businesses! You can find out more about this community here.

So, rambling for today over! Hope this has given you a little bit of information about what you can expect over the next few months.

Love, Clarissa

Have a blog post suggestion/something you'd like to find out how to do? - please drop me a message on my website here or on my Instagram - I look forward to hearing from you!

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